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Our Meats

Celebrating over five decades of industry leadership, Mary Ann's Specialty Foods has firmly established itself as a distinguished manufacturer and distributor of premium branded meats. Rooted in the tradition of cherished family recipes passed down through generations, our products have become beloved family favorites. Specializing in the art of processing and producing hardwood smoked meats, our extensive range includes hams, bacon, sausages, pulled pork, and ribs. At Mary Ann's, our legacy of excellence is not just a tradition; it's a testament to the passion and dedication we bring to every delicious offering.


Embark on a culinary voyage with the timeless essence of our traditional smoked Kor-Bert pork brand—an extraordinary blend of authenticity and flavor that promises an unparalleled dining experience. Immerse yourself in the rich, savory symphony that defines each succulent cut, carefully curated to capture the essence of tradition. With a commitment to culinary excellence, our smoked Kor-Bert pork stands as a testament to the artistry that goes into creating a product that is not only full of flavor but also simply delicious, inviting you to savor every moment of this gastronomic delight.

uncle bills

Discover the wholesome simplicity of our Uncle Bill's brand, a culinary gem that proudly boasts a clean label and minimal ingredients. With a commitment to transparency, we've carefully curated a product free from unnecessary additives, ensuring a straightforward and pure dining experience. Revel in the delightful distinction of Uncle Bill's, where each flavorful offering is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and notably, no added sugar, allowing the natural essence of the ingredients to shine through.


Our hams are the hallmark and pride of Mary Ann's. Our hams begin with the most premium and fresh hams available. They are hand-trimmed and cured with our special formula preserve their most natural juicy flavors. Slow cooked with precise temperatures and natural wood smoked to produce the most succulent and delicious ham you'll ever eat.

Available: Bone-In – Whole & Half, Boneless - Whole, Half, Quarter, or Sliced



Starting with the choicest cuts of pork, we slow smoke the pork for hours and cook it until it's down home BBQ perfection. You want true BBQ without the hassle, we have it! We hand pull the pork to maintain its natural taste and texture, and then add our sweet and tangy BBQ sauce so you can enjoy BBQ bliss in minutes.

Pulled Pork


Mary Ann's has been perfecting our sizzling flavor of bacon for nearly 50 years. It all starts with the freshest cut pork, hand-trim for consistency, leanness and quality. We then slow smoke them over hickory or apple wood flavored chips. Irresistible aromas and delicious results speak for themselves, as we produce some of the most widely recognized brands in the industry. Perfect for any meal or as an ingredient to your own delicious creation.



It wouldn't be a BBQ without the finest ribs available! Just don't tell your friends you were able to do them in minutes! We select the best rack of ribs for convenience and flavor. Our pre-cooked ribs are seasoned, smoked, and cooked to perfection so all you have to do is heat and eat! Put on the grill, warm in the oven, or place in the microwave for tender, mouth-watering ribs you can enjoy in minutes



Family favorites for generations, Mary Ann's sausages are made of the finest meats and hand–mixed with our special herbs and spices. Our real wood smoke creates authentic flavors and exceptional tastes perfect for any entrée, barbecue, or ingredient in your favorite dish.



All beef or meat franks are a time-honored tradition. Our franks are made with the finest ingredients and formulated from recipes handed down for generations. All of our franks and hotdogs are naturally smoked to enhance their natural flavors, creating a delicious, premium taste you are sure to remember.


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