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About Mary Ann's Foods
Our Mission & Principles

Celebrating over five decades of industry leadership, Mary Ann's Specialty Foods has firmly established itself as a distinguished manufacturer and distributor of premium branded meats. Rooted in the tradition of cherished family recipes passed down through generations, our products have become beloved family favorites. Specializing in the art of processing and producing hardwood smoked meats, our extensive range includes hams, bacon, sausages, pulled pork, and ribs.

While our primary focus is on pork, we take pride in offering a delectable array of poultry and beef options, showcasing our commitment to providing diverse, high-quality choices for every palate. At Mary Ann's, our legacy of excellence is not just a tradition; it's a testament to the passion and dedication we bring to every delicious offering.

Committed to preserving the natural environment, Mary Ann's suppliers have always used farming methods that reduce energy and water consumption, air emissions, and solid waste. They also select transportation providers that adhere to the best conservation practices in the industry.

Our supplier’s sustainable farming and ranching methods, combined with our processing and packaging techniques help to lessen the environmental impact and protect the land for generations to come.

Our History

William "Bill" Korleski founded our family business over 50 years ago in a small town Klemme, Iowa. His unparalleled skill in preparing seasoned and smoked meat products quickly garnered widespread recognition, propelling the growth of our business. In 1979, he established our first federal facility, introducing groundbreaking uncured "no nitrates and nitrites added" recipes for ham, bacon, and sausage items. Well ahead of the industry, he pioneered the clean label, uncured meats market. To accommodate escalating demand, Korleski relocated the company to a 70,000 square-foot complex in Webster City, Iowa, in 1993. Subsequently, in 2019, we proudly opened new production areas in our current facility, expanding it to over 100,000 square feet. This addition substantially increased our cook and chill capacity.

Throughout our journey, Mary Ann's has remained committed to time-honored processes and the utilization of the finest, freshest ingredients available. Our traditional curing and smoking methods, combined with meticulous handcrafted techniques, result in flavorsome and distinct meat products that truly set us apart.

With a current production capacity of several hundred thousand pounds per week, Mary Ann's expertly processes our own renowned Kor-Bert branded products, nationally recognized brands, and award-winning private label brands for customers across the United States. We serve retail, foodservice, and wholesale operations under numerous well-established brands. Despite the diverse range of offerings, our products share a common trait—exceptional taste and flavor. Embracing all-natural processes, we firmly believe that crafting a product superior to the rest ensures lasting customer loyalty. We also prioritize transparency by providing detailed information about the origins of our products and using simple ingredients, empowering consumers to make informed choices.

Now led by Bill Korleski's children, Kelly Korleski and Pam Netzel, our management team adopts a hands-on approach to plant operations. We actively engage in the business, treating our employees like family. Given our close connection to our workforce, many of us having worked on the production floor and alongside them, we foster a deep understanding of their needs and aspirations.

As a family-owned enterprise, we possess the agility and flexibility to swiftly and effectively respond to our customers' requirements—a distinction that sets us apart from other companies. We take immense pride in delivering healthy, wholesome, and exceptionally delicious meats. In collaboration with suppliers who uphold time-honored practices and treat their animals with respect, we strive to maintain the highest standards in the industry.

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